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Why should I start eating seasonally?

The below article from the good folks over at Holland and Barret explains the concept of eating seasonally better than we ever could...

It is simple - eat foods that are grown at the same time as you eat them. Why?

It saves you money

When fruits and vegetables are out of season in your area, they have to be transported from the other side of the world. That extra cost gets passed on to you.

It’s healthier

Being locked in cargo holds and shipping containers for days, does nothing for the nutritional content of food, in many cases it’s detrimental. As a rule of thumb; the fresher the better to get the most out of your veg.

It’s kinder to the planet

Be it by plane, train or automobile – food comes with a carbon footprint. However the apple from a farm up the road has had a more environmentally-friendly and sustainable trip than one from South Africa.

It tastes better

Out of season fruit and veg can spend days and weeks travelling to get to you. Either they’re picked unripe so that they’re ready on arrival, or they spoil a little on the way leaving flavour and freshness compromised. Seasonal produce is at it's freshest when it gets to you, so taste is maximised.

It supports your local community

The profits from unseasonal food are swallowed up by the transporter, the retailer and others from elsewhere. Your local growers will be producing all year round. By supporting them, you’ll be feeding the profits back into your own community.

It’s exciting!

You might find yourself introduced to new foods and dishes. You'll get plenty of variety in your diet - and you may be excited to see what changes in the season will bring to your dinner table!

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