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Meet the team behind Dublin's freshest organic farm  & farm shop

We're nestled right in Dublin City. Next door to Clonsilla Railway Station. We're a team of farmers amongst the busy City life with a collective aim - To bring the farm to the city and provide fresh, organic produce to our local population. 



The reason we farm here, is to provide a farm shop right here in Clonsilla which provides your entire food shop. Which is 100% organic with all of our own fruit and vegetables, along with local breads, free range eggs, honey and other local produce. 

By doing this, we can help people connect to their food and where it comes from. Not to mention the added health and taste benefits of eating genuinely fresh, local & organic produce. 



Our team at BeechPark works hard to provide the fruit and vegetables we do now. However we've grand plans in the works to increase our offering of variety and goodness. However we equally need the support of our local customers in order to keep working hard to fulfill these dreams and create a place where people can come and learn about what they're eating and where it comes from. 


Meet The Team

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Dave Taylor

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Farm Manager & Shop Manager. 

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Neil McDermott 

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Farm Owner 


Eira McDermott 

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