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Meet our Farm Manager

Hello! I'm Dave, and I'm the farm manager here at BeechPark Eco Farm. I've been in position here since January 2021, which was an extremely challenging time to take over due to Covid 19... and the wet weather!

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My Story

I came to BeechPark Eco Farm with big ideas to transform this small farm into a hub of exciting, local fresh & organic food. Whilst the farm was very much on it's way to achieving this, I have slightly different ideas of how to go about this. I'm really passionate about 'regenerative' agriculture and improving our land by having a 'no till' system for the soil. Not tilling the soil improves our soil health and good soil health = good plant health and vastly improved carbon storage. Therefore our farming becomes extremely beneficial for the planet. 

I've been involved with farming since a very young age. Although I'm not from a farming family, it's been my only real passion since a young child. However, my excitement for growing only came in my early 20's whilst working for another fruit and vegetable farm, in North Wales. Fast forward to 2021 and I'm busy here at BeechPark growing a whole variety of crops in an organic system. However to do so, we need our local customers support to keep this project going.


We have big plans for the farm here at BeechPark and as a team we are hoping to expand our shop and offering to our customers. To do so would mean we can offer a greater variety of produce and a greater variety of healthy, local and organic food. To do so however, we need the support of our customers. So I'm always really grateful to see returning faces and the excitement we can bring to people, with new fresh crops. . 


If you've any questions about the farm. We can be contacted on 08759231345