Welcome to BeechPark Eco Farm

The 100% Organic Farm & Farm Shop in Clonsilla, Dublin 15

Support our small, sustainable farming movement.

We are a small scale Organic Farm in Clonsilla, Dublin 15. Right next to the Clonsilla railway station. We specialise in producing fresh, organic fruit and vegetables which are available in our farm shop every Monday, Wednesday & Saturday. 

We believe we provide the freshest organic fruit and vegetables you could possibly buy in Dublin. We offer for our customers to order online and choose their vegetables. We then harvest those vegetables 'on demand' for you to collect the very same day. 

Not only this, but we try to be as sustainable as possible. By growing and providing fresh fruit and vegetables to our local community, we're helping to reduce food imports and food miles. We also have a strict composting system, and recycle all of our green waste back into lovely compost ready to be used the following season. 

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Would you like to order online and collect produce harvested the same day? We provide a 'harvest on demand' service! 

Collections every Wednesday 2pm-4pm